Crosslink Powder Coating provides ceramic coatings for exhaust and engine coatings for pistons. Ceramic coating adds an incredible look to your exhaust system and headers. It also increases overall horsepower with your engine. For your street car, show car, or race car, it's the only way to go. On engines, it is a must for making those expensive parts last longer.

We draw up the best projects........................

Working with you to get ideas from scratch, or ones that you've been dreaming about for a lifetime, we're here to make your dreams become a reality.
With state-of-the-art technology, our painters will get the job done in less time then you ever thought imaginable. And you'll be shocked at how amazing anything looks with our services. 


At Crosslink Powder Coating of K. C. we take pride in our work. First we clean your part to a dry, bare metal surface, then we apply a thin layer of "plastic" powder onto the surface of the part. The powder is held onto the part by static electricity. Your part is then put in the curing oven which melts the dry powder to a "gel state" and then further curing causes this gel to harden into a very tough "plastic" coating. This flowing and fusing of the coating in the final curing oven creates a continuous coating which is very hard and has no porosity.

Powder Coating Color Options

We offer Custom Color Powder Coating along with color matching for any of your small to medium parts or metal pieces.

We are committed to setting the highest standards for service and quality in the industry.

Quality Finish

We offer the highest quality finishes to our customers. Our preparation and coating is done by both hand and machine with close attention to detail.

Great Prices

Crosslink Powder Coating can handle your coating or sandblasting job!

Fast Turnaround

With available pickup and delivery we will handle your powder coating job fast.

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