Cars & Motorcycle

We have a wide range of colors to make your ride standout. Powder coating looks like paint but acts like armor to protect your vehicle under harsh conditions.

Industrial Metal

Powder coating uses electrically charged and finely ground pigments and resins that adhere to the parts surface. The result is a beautiful uniform coating that looks like paint but acts like armor.

Rims and Wheels

Bring in your modified parts for a sleek custom look that will stand up to rough race conditions.

Make Anything Beautiful Again............

Powdercoat for the best results!!!
Powder coating is a dry finishing process using finely ground particles of pigment and resin that are electro-statically charged and sprayed onto a surface. Once your parts have been coated, they are placed in an oven to cure. Your race gear, engine parts and industrial metal items will be restored. The powder coating process results in a uniform, durable, and high quality finish that is also environmentally friendly.

Bring anything Back to Life with the vibrant colors of Powder Paint!